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SiteVisit’s proprietary software application is an ideal platform to easily create co-operative industry centric working partnerships with other technology providers.

Are you looking to create or improve your working relationship with Venues around the world?  Or perhaps you are a group of Venues seeking to improve your web based information distribution ability?

Here is a brief technology resume to help in your consideration of SiteVisit.

  • Extensive SQL database with over 750 fields of in-depth information
  • Secure online data and image management with real-time output
  • Travel related micro site engine
  • Common interface with industry related software creating centralized integrated solution
  • User friendly meetings RFP process and Venue RFP Response system
  • Extensive market analysis reporting and tracking tools
  • Online dynamic text and graphic reporting engine to track usage over any time frame
  • Reports can be exported in a variety of formats

Here are some commonly asked technical questions and answers about SiteVisit technology:

Q: Does SiteVisit use specific database software to support its services?
A: Microsoft SQL server 2000

Q: Which internet browser technologies does the technology support?
A: Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, Netscape and Firefox

Q: Does SiteVisit realistically operate 24/7 and do you provide a Service Level Agreement?
A: Yes

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