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SiteVisit is providing a new and exciting technology alternative to our host partner customers.  We have made the SiteVisit technology experience as effortless as possible while providing our customers with the most advanced technology available.  We know you will agree that SiteVisit is the easiest data maintenance and Meetings RFP technology that you have ever used. However with every new technology there are initial questions.  SiteVisit Ltd Is committed to you, our customers, and we have developed a weekly schedule of “How To” and informational Webinars to help you along the way.

Experience each aspect of the SiteVisit technology and interact directly with the SiteVisit professional conducting the Webinars.  The Webinars are tailored to help you get the most from your SiteVisit  experience.

To start using the SiteVisit technology at its best, please register for one of the Webinars listed below by clicking on the “Register” button. 

Webinar One – Coming Soon

Introduction to SiteVisit :  What is this new SiteVisit  Technology?

This webinar will provide a complete introductory overview of SiteVisit’s technology  functionality and product services.

Coming Soon

Webinar Two – Coming Soon

SpaceLinks:   What is SpaceLinks?  How will SpaceLinks benefit my venue?

This webinar will focus on the Strategic Alliance between SiteVisit, MeetingMatrix International’s diagramming software, and the PCMA “Space Verification” program. Included is a brief overview of venue listing types and content venue administration to maximize Search Engine results and the Meetings RFP Engine.

Coming Soon

Webinar Three – Coming Soon

Managing my venue content:   Now that we’re listed in the SiteVisit Search Engine, how do I maintain my content?

This webinar will focus on how a venue can optimize their listing using the tools available in the SiteVisit Administration area.  From the basic venue information to creating meeting information to uploading of images, this Webinar is a MUST for venues. Your listing detail quality will truly support your sales efforts, so join us to get the most from your SiteVisit host partner listing.

Coming Soon
Webinar Four – Coming Soon

Meetings RFP and Planner User Center:  What is the SiteVisit Meetings RFP and what is the User Center? How do we use them?

This webinar is a must for all venues, planners and hosts and will focus on the Meetings RFP (Planner) and RFPR (RFP Response from Venue) process from the initial planner search for venues through to the venue response from the Meetings RFP section of the administration site.

n addition, specifically for the planner, this webinar will cover the “Planner User Center”. This is the area of SiteVisit technology where the planner can manage, sent , saved and outstanding RFP’s, Bookmark venues, Newsletters and more.  The Planner User Center also allows the planner to view and change their current preferences and profile.

Coming Soon
Webinar Five – Coming Soon

Reporting:  Here’s where you can really value working with SiteVisit technology.

This webinar will focus on the extensive reporting engine available to both hosts and venues.  Up-to-the-minute graphical and data reports for traffic, RFP’s, Venue summary and administration user reports.   You will also be shown how to export these reports and much more.

Coming Soon
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